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the company that expects future than present, Yerim

  • 2016
    02Participate 2016 KH fair as a main sponsor consecutively
  • 2015
    02Participate 2015 KH fair as a main sponsor consecutively
  • 2014
    01Participate 2014 KH fair as a main sponsor
    Won a Good design award 3 consecutively years
    08Manufacture Plant &office moved to a larger facility in Namdong-gu, Incheon
  • 2013
    01First development ‘Sound door’ in the world
    02Participate 2013 KH fair
    11Won a Good design award 2 consecutively years
    Authorized for the certification of quality management
    Authorized for the certification of Vision Company in Incheon city
  • 2012
    11Won a Good design award for the first time as a door
  • 2011
    01Doorframe manufacturing methods

the company that challenge and advance endlessly

  • 2010
    04Obtained a patent of Manufacturer method of flame-resistance on building materials
    07Authorized for the certification of quality management system
    Authorized for the certification of environment management system
    Registered for the venture business
    08Registered for INNO-BIZ
    09Obtained Patent of Transfer apparatus for panel and transfer method and transfer panel
    Obtained KS Certification of Eco door and doorframe (KS-F3109)
    12Established branch in Busan and Daegu
  • 2009
    02Got into a Contract with Su-jong Choi (actor) as Yerim’s advertisement Model
    12Established company research laboratory
  • 2007
    04Started to advertise in broadcast (TV, Radio)
    07Obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification
    11The Headquarter and the company buildings were built in 187-251 Gajwa-dong, Seogu, Incheon
  • 2006
    01Manufacturing Plant Enlargement to 40-28 Wonchang-dong, Seogu, Incheon
    03Obtained Certification of Flameproof
    06Obtained a Patent of Building Material Lumber
  • 2005
    05Yerim Forestry Co., Ltd. was founded

A great leap of Yerim

  • 2003
    02Manufacturer Plant Enlargement to 40-15 Wonchang-dong, Seogu, Incheon
    Extend the Moulding Wrapping Installation System
    12Extend the Membrane Installation System
  • 2002
    11Manufacturer Plant Enlargement to 84-2 Wonchang-dong, Seogu, Incheon
  • 2001
    10Manufacturer Plant Enlargement to 85 Wonchang-dong, Seogu, Incheon
    Extended the Doorframe Wrapping Installation Facilities
    Extended the Door Installation Facilities
  • 1995
    04Added Wooden Doorframe Facilities and Marketing System
  • 1994
    03Manufacture Plant Enlargement to Gojan Namdong Block 168, Incheon
    Added Wooden Material Facilities
    Added Direct-Import-trade and Manufacture Processing System
    Added Moulding Management System
  • 1991
    05Established the 2nd Manufacturing Plant in 80-4 Wonchang-dong, Seogu, Incheon
  • 1986
    10Manufacture Plant Enlargement to Gochuck-dong Guro, Seoul
  • 1984
    09Manufacture Plant Enlargement to Seogyo-don,g Mapo, Seoul
  • 1979
    05Yong-San Forestry was founded in Wonhyoro Yong-San, Seoul